Behavioral Therapy

Special Care provides on-site Behavioral Therapy to students in need. Our Behavioral Therapists use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior of children, primarily on the Autism Spectrum.

Each child has the potential to develop skills beyond their current level of abilities. Through Behavioral Therapy, our students are able to gain important skills that increase their abilities, while limiting behaviors and activities that cause injury, pain, or limit opportunities for full community involvement. Our Behavioral Therapists focus on developing student communication abilities and other skills that lead to rewarding personal relationships, well-being, vocational productivity, and self-determined daily activities. Special Care’s unique inclusive classrooms create ideal opportunities for children on the Autism Spectrum to learn language and other skills through interactions with their typically developing peers.

For more information about Special Care’s on-site Behavioral Therapy, you may submit your question/request here.